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Potting Mix

If you’re growing plants in containers, using an organic potting mix is crucial. This specialized mix is formulated specifically for container gardening, providing the perfect blend of nutrients and materials to ensure proper drainage and moisture retention for healthy root growth.


All soils, including potting mixes, need to be replenished as plants use the available nutrients, and they leach away in water as it runs through the soil. Soil breaks down and erodes away over time as well. Rather than starting from scratch and replacing older soil with new expensive soil, we can do a few things to keep soil healthy.

Topsoil and Garden Soil

It’s important to note that soil sold for in-ground gardens is different from potting mix, which is specifically designed for container gardening. Using topsoil or garden soil in containers, even if it’s of high quality and organic, can lead to problems such as poor drainage and compaction, resulting in stressed and slow-growing plants. 

Amending soil for nutrients and structure

Amending soil just means adding things to it. Soils can be amended to increase nutrients available to plants (aka fertilizer) and to improve the structure or texture of the soil. You can amend your old potting mix by adding new potting mix to replenish and refresh the old soil in your containers. Compost is also an excellent soil amendment choice, as it provides a balanced blend of nutrients and supports healthy soil structure.