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About Us Big Green believes that growing food changes lives.

We’re on a mission to get everyone in America growing food!

a group of students holding up vegetables.

We believe that growing food changes lives. It improves nutrition security, improves mental health, connects us with nature, opens our eyes to the impacts of climate change, and improves economic mobility.

We’ve spent the last 12 years helping people grow their own food — with garden-based education, scalable, modular garden products and systems, and a community of support and collaboration. We’ve built a network of over 700 vibrant and edible Learning Gardens in schools across the country and are now advancing home, school, and community gardens across the country.

Our Programs

Big Green at School Jumpstart

Big Green’s school-based program, Jumpstart, provides schools and other educational spaces with modular garden beds and mini-grants to kick off or reinvigorate their garden programs. The gardens are incorporated into the school day and positioned to help schools meet their goals in areas like experiential learning, STEM, health and nutrition, social-emotional wellbeing, and more. As a result of Jumpstart, educators are able to invest in and improve their edible garden programs for students and families, increasing the number of people who are growing food at school.

Dig In

Big Green at Home Million Gardens

Million Gardens makes home gardening accessible to growers at any skill level, in virtually any conditions. In partnership with deeply rooted community organizations, we send a raised bed gardens and grow bags directly to people’s homes. As a result, families report saving money on the cost of produce, expanding their knowledge of healthy eating, and consuming more fruits and vegetables each week.

Get Growing


We strengthen and connect garden programs within the community. The Big Green DAO is a space of collaboration, network building, and funding, and we further seek out community organizations that can amplify or enhance our program in other spaces. We value and invest in community projects that are innovative, finding new and scalable ways to do one of the oldest things there is — grow food.

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