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Plant a Seed Day is March 19, 2024 Dig In,
Do Good

Start a garden, a couple of plants,
or a single seed.

Let's Grow!Grow Your Own Food In Any Container.

Plant a Seed Day is all about making it as easy as possible for people to get started on their gardening journey. Whether you have acres of land or just a small balcony, whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a complete novice, there’s a way for you to grow your own food. 

Our challenge to you – grab the quirkiest planter you can find and gear up for this year’s theme... Anything but a Planter, because if it holds soil, it’ll grow seeds! From recycled containers to old shoes, growing food can start anywhere. Commit to unconventional containers with us and pledge to plant on March 19th.

Pledge to Plant

Join the planting partyThis year growing food is building community. Join us for in-person Plant a Seed Days happening throughout the Spring.

This year, Big Green is hosting own Plant a Seed Day event in Denver, Colorado, providing soil and seeds to give away. All you need to bring is your own planter; whether it's an old milk carton or a quirky mug, the more unconventional, the better!

Want to join the fun? We're sponsoring similar planting events across the country! Stay tuned for the announcement of events in other cities.

group of students holding plant a seed day signs and vegetables.