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There are times when gardening can be a frustrating mess. It’s inevitable that you’ll come across pests and diseases that can harm the plants you’re growing. From insects to squirrels, and viruses to mildew, there are many pests that want to eat your plants as much as you do. However, you can create a healthy balance of plants, animals, insects, and microbes to encourage a flourishing ecosystem in your garden. When all else fails there are some safe and effective treatments that will help you keep your calm in the garden.

This collection will give you the knowledge and the tools to protect your garden harvests from the most common critters without harming our environment! Here are a few key points to guide you:

  1. Stress-free healthy plants can resist most pests and diseases.
  2. Making sure there is plenty of diversity in the garden will help all your plants stay healthy.
  3. Know your plants and the insects that like them to treat the problem directly.
  4. Use safe, organic, proven treatments to help when a pest is getting the upper hand.

Help Plants Help Themselves

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Garden Pests

Animals and insects want to eat our food too

Plant Diseases

Plants can get sick just like we can