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Big Green DAO Jun 23, 2023

DAO Community: Cast Your Vote for Future Grantees!

Group photo of people cheering in front of a building.

Hello Big Green DAO Community,

It’s time for you to step up, take action and play a key role in shaping the future of our DAO community and cast your vote for Grants Round 6 (GR6) grantees!

By voting, you’re empowering nonprofit and grassroots organizations to grow in their mission of growing food, amplifying their voices, and making a stronger impact in philanthropy.

Ready to make a difference? Follow the instructions below and vote by July 2, 2023, 11:59PM PDT.

Instructions: How to Vote

  1. Go to the DAO voting portal (linked here). 
  2. Click “GUEST” in the top right corner of the screen to sign in with your email and password, or sign up if it’s your first time using Ethelo.
  3. Review the “Welcome” and “How to Participate” pages for details on the voting and grantmaking process.
  4. Check the box to agree to allow Ethelo to share your vote info with Big Green.
  5. Click “Next” to Navigate to “Grant Proposals” and begin reviewing proposals.
  6. Select “Unrestricted” (funding for mission-aligned organizations) or “Restricted” (funding for mission-aligned programs or projects) to look at the pool of proposals you would like to browse. 
  7. Use the filters at the top of every “Grant Proposal” page to focus your attention on the types of proposals you are most interested in funding.
  8. Review the proposal, with included links and information as you like and VOTE for organizations you want to support by simply sliding the selector to the number of seeds you’d like to cast to that organization or project.
  9. Continue voting and adjusting the seeds you are casting until you have allocated all your available seeds to the organizations you want to fund.
  10. Make sure your budget is “balanced” by not allocating more than the 102 seeds each voter is allotted in this grant round.

Here are some things to keep in mind, along with a few tips:

  • Organizations are organized by restricted (specific programs dedicated to growing food) or unrestricted (entire mission of the applicant is growing food)
  • We’ve added filters so you can quickly find the organizations you want to focus on and vote for.
  • Download and print our voting guide and keep notes to recall your favorites.


  • To connect with other VOTERS, use the Community Garden Channel. This channel is private for $GARDEN token holders; applicants cannot view this space.
  • To connect with GRANT SEEKERS, use the General Channel. That’s where organizations are sharing their work and you can engage with them directly. Applicants that have identified themselves on Discord have the 🔍icon.
  • Need specific assistance? Post questions in the Support Channel.


Happy voting!