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Read as You Grow: Introduction Video

Bring your garden to life with Big Green and Readers to Eaters and the Read as you Grow project.

While Harvesting


Zora’s Zucchini (Spanish available Las Calabacitas de Zora)


Check on your plants and harvest what is ready. Some of the crops you planted a month ago might be ready, others may need longer to grow! Explore how to plant, grow and eat zucchini


Review THIS lesson and teach students how to write their own recipe. You can also find more resources for Zora’s Zucchini HERE.

  • Food Literacy Journey: Students can write their recipes in their journals.

  • In the Garden: Tour the garden to see how your crops are growing. Plant squash seeds, or any seed that is in season on your region.


Set up a farm stand at your school for extra produce!