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Looking for some inspiration or how to plant your learning garden in Miami, FL? Download a garden guide to help you get started!

Download the Guide for Spring-Planted Crops

Download the Guide for Fall-Planted Crops

Quick Gardening Tips:

  • Plant seedlings before seeds to prevent planting over each other.
  • Water your garden gently and frequently for about 2 weeks after you plant. The top of the soil needs to stay moist for seeds to sprout.
  • Herbs (like basil), will flower or “bolt,” creating seeds as the weather gets warm. Keep herbs well-trimmed to prevent bolting.

Pro Tip: Save seeds from crops that flower when they dry up in late summer to plant again next year.

Gardening Definitions:

  • Sow – Planting seeds in the ground
  • Thin – Once seeds start to sprout, thin them by gently removing some sprouts. This gives individual plants more space to grow
  • Perennial – Plants that only need to be planted once and will regenerate many times (for years even)