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Read as You Grow: Introduction Video

Bring your garden to life with Big Green and Readers to Eaters and the Read as you Grow project.

Before Planting


Farmer Will Allen & the Growing Table


Decide what you want to plant in your garden this spring and summer. Use this seed guide to help plan your garden.


Review the Farmer Will Allen & The Growing Table Curriculum Guide. Focus on the Vocabulary Section and teach your students about compound words.

  • Food Literacy Journal: Students list all compound words found in the story.

  • In the Garden: Take a walk through the garden. Ask students to circle the compound words from the story with things that exist in their garden.


Invite families to come early to pick-up time to help in the garden, or organize small volunteer groups to help clean our mature plants and weeds from the garden beds in preparation for planting. Watch this Covid Garden Safety video to help you create a safe environment for your volunteers when allowed by your school district.