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Nail Down Your Organization’s Story & Launch a Website that Works! Launching this January, this session led by Dr. Judith Allen and Zing, helps you craft a compelling organizational story and build a highly impactful website – essential elements for realizing your organizational aspirations.

  • Learn

    Engage in three 1-hour webinars led by Dr. Judith Allen that will lead you through a process to craft your organizations story.

  • Share

    Tell the story of who you are and why you do what you do in a way that everyone can understand.

  • Drive

    Clarify your website’s core call to action and establish the structure of your new website.

  • Build

    In collaboration with Zing, you will work with their design team to apply your pre-work to either build an entirely new site or spruce up your current one.

Session Calendar

  • January 10, 2024 Registrations Opens
  • January 29, 2024 Registration Closes
  • January 30, 2024 Webinar 1
  • January 31, 2024 Collaborative Course 1
  • February 27, 2024 Webinar 2
  • February 28, 2024 Collaborative Course 2
  • April 2, 2024 Webinar 3
  • April 3, 2024 Collaborative Course 3

Who's Eligible?

  • Current members of the DAO community.
  • 2023 DAO grant applicants that advanced to the voting round. Even if you did not receive funding, you are eligible to participate in these session!

Learning Pathways FAQs

  • All current members of the DAO and 2023 grant applicants that made it to the voting round are eligible (even if your organization did not receive funding).

  • We will welcome more than one member of your organization based on seats available. If multiple members of your organization would like to attend, please register individually and we will allocate seats based on availability.

  • Completing the learning pathway (attending all webinars with Dr. Judith Allen), is required to engage in the website design process with Zing.

  • Learning Pathway sessions are sponsored by Big Green DAO and completely free for current members of the DAO and 2023 grant applicants that were advanced to voting rounds, even if your organization did not receive funding.

  • The Big Green Learning Pathways are intended to elevate your nonprofit with resources, tools, and consultations with professional collaborators at no cost to you or your organization. Learning Pathways are specifically dedicated to advance the impact each of our members’ organizations are able to achieve. By participating in these tailored courses, organizations will work with peers and experts in the field to advance their knowledge base, benefit from shared services, and deepen engagement with a community of supporters all dedicated to growing food.

  • These sessions are fully remote, with the opportunity to meet in-person yearly at the Big Green DAO Annual for a multi-day professional development conference. These remote sessions are not required to attend the in-person Annual. Each session will offer synchronous monthly webinars, followed by small group deep dive sessions in the interim weeks. Session materials and session recordings will be available in Big Green’s online learning portal.

  • Yes! More sessions will be offered in the future spanning various other topics related to professional development. Future session topics will be solicited from the DAO community. Have a need for a certain topic? Let us know in the Discord!