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Plant a seed and grow a better world with us! Our mission is to get 100,000 people planting seeds on May 7th! With your help, we can expand our reach and get more people doing what we care about most here at Big Green, growing food! Why? Because growing food changes lives! So, let’s dig in and get to growing together on Plant a Seed Day.

Activate Your Community

By sharing this opportunity, you not only get to support a cause you care about but you also get to inspire your friends and followers to get out and grow food! Your efforts support our work in food justice, accessibility, and affordability AND inspire a movement of change!


  • I’m partnering with @BigGreen to support their mission – getting everyone in America growing their own food! How? On May 7th we’re celebrating #PlantASeedDay outside in the dirt, planting seeds and we want you to do the same! Growing food changes lives 🥕

    Pledge to plant with us: (pledge link)

  • I’m planting for (share why you care – our planet, food accessibility, mental health awareness, food justice)! What are you planting for this #PlantASeedDay

    Pledge with me: (pledge link)

  • This #PlantASeedDay join @BigGreen and me in growing food! Why? Because food accessibility matters. Whether you’re a complete beginner or expert gardener, anyone can grow their own food. Including me, an (actor/athlete/influencer). Turns out green thumbs are more common than you think!

    Pledge to plant with me 🌱 (pledge link)

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep your posts creative to capture your community’s attention AND encourage them to get out and plant seeds!

  • Tag @BigGreen and use our official hashtags: #PlantASeedDay #PASD #GrowingFoodChangesLives #PledgeToPlant

  • Share your custom pledge link in your social posts.

  • Photos, photos, photos! Show your community what and how you’re planting!

  • Remember to keep your network engaged, send reminders leading up to and on Plant a Seed Day, May 7th.

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