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Why I Want to Bring #RealFood to 100,000 Schools Across America

American children are being fed processed, nutrient-poor food that leaves them starving and obese at the same time.  Our food system is destroying their growing bodies and minds. With an estimated $63.5 trillion in total private wealth, America is more wealthy than any other country in the world. Yet our children are bearing the burden […]


Ask Farmer Tim | January 2018

Dear Farmer Tim, I am planning on harvesting winter squash with my students, but I am not sure how to know when it’s ready. What can I look for? How do I store it after I harvest, and for how long? Sincerely, Squash Storer ___ Dear Squash Storer, Great question! If you haven’t yet had […]


Garden Grant Round-Up | January 2018

Current Grant Opportunities: The Klorane Botanical Foundation is committed to supporting programs to teach respect for the environment and protect nature through the preservation of plant species and biodiversity. Designed to further their mission, the Budding Botanist Grant will help our youngest citizens learn about plants, explore their world and inspire them to take care of […]


Beets, Turnips, Carrots, OH MY

Root vegetables are in season! Get creative and use what’s growing in your school’s Learning Garden for some tasting winter dishes. Easy Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes – if you’re looking for a new take on the classic mashed potatoes, try switching them out for a delicious side dish of mashed sweet potatoes – or make both […]


Start the year right, start seeds indoors!

As your Learning Garden rests for the winter, there are plenty of ways your students can continue to experience growing plants indoors. In the classroom, students can use cups or recycled milk cartons with holes cut in the bottom to grow their own seedlings all winter long! We recommend growing beans or peas in the […]