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Speaker Toolkit Your Guide to the Big Green Annual


  • The Big Green Annual will take place at the Evans School in Denver, Colorado. Our venue is well-equipped, featuring classrooms and an auditorium for presentations. Each room is outfitted with a screen for your presentations, voice amplification appropriate to the room – the auditorium will have microphones, whereas the classrooms will not. However, if you need a microphone, we can provide a handheld or lav mic.

    Big Green is here to support you in anyway. If you need printed materials, require internet access, or have any other specific AV requests, please reach out to Kelsie Contreras at so that we can make necessary arrangements.

    Please note: Any contractual requirements will be fulfilled.

  • Big Green is offering copy review and design editing to each speaker. If you would like to have your presentation edited by us, please upload all content to the shared slide deck in Google Slides. The shared slide deck is meant to be a place a collaboration and alignment to build cohesiveness in presentations prior to the event!

    If you plan to bring your own slides OR have any supporting materials (print, PDFs, videos, etc.) please upload these materials to your individual Google Folder.

    Please upload your slides by September 22 and your supporting materials by September 29.

  • We are in the process of finalizing the speaker schedule, and we will post it here and share it with you as soon as it’s ready.

  • Our audience is diverse, consisting of food and gardening organizations at various stages of development. To ensure your presentation is inclusive and engaging for all, we recommend minimizing the use of technical terms, acronyms, or jargon.