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Big Green Annual 2023 Created by the community, for the community. Learn, share, and create tools to advance your nonprofit.

AboutTools, Not Just Talk.

Join us for a dynamic two-day event on October 3 and 4 in Denver, CO designed for your nonprofit's growth. Customize your experience, gain actionable tools, and connect with experts. Our goal is to ensure that every nonprofit, regardless of size or budget, can participate in this transformative event. We offer free admission and travel stipends for food-growing nonprofits. Register for the event today!


About Craft Your Experience

The Big Green Annual operates on a unique "build your own adventure" model. YOU choose the sessions that matter most to you through our interactive schedule. We understand that one size doesn't fit all in the nonprofit world, so we've designed an event that adapts to your needs.

Build Your Schedule

AboutConnect, Unwind, Repeat

In between these empowering sessions, you'll have the opportunity to connect with a supportive community that truly understands your journey. Share experiences, insights, and challenges with peers who are on the same path as you. Grab a coffee and engage in meaningful conversations with our expert speakers.

Get to Know Other Attendees

About Big GreenOur mission is to get everyone in America growing food.

By providing nonprofits and grassroots organizations with tools and resources to grow their impact, the Big Green Annual, gets us one step closer to this mission. Let’s grow together!

The Annual FAQs

  • The Annual is the second gathering of the nonprofit members of the Big Green DAO. The Big Green DAO believes fundamentally that growing food changes lives, and that the people and groups working on the frontlines of their community know where resources should go. Period.

    This dynamic event will take place in Denver, Colorado, on October 3-4, bringing together approximately 200 people from as many as 100 small and grassroots nonprofits — all working to grow food in their communities. This unique gathering will further the collective work of the Big Green DAO and accelerate impact by equipping early-stage organizations with the knowledge, tools, and trusted networks they need to flourish in their mission.

  • The Annual will be hosted in Denver, Colorado at the Evans School. It will begin at 9am on Tuesday, October 3 and conclude at 3pm on Wednesday, October 4.

  • All organizations who have been awarded funds from the Big Green DAO are invited, as well as eligible organizations whose applications were advanced for voting but were not awarded funds by the community.

  • The Annual is open to all eligible organizations as described above, but it is designed for organizations who are in early stages of development and growth. If your organization is still young, has a budget under $1MM, a staff of less than 10 people, or you would self-assess your organization’s growth and capacity as being in an early stage, the Annual is especially for you!

  • The Annual is completely free to attend for all invited organizations. Furthermore, we have a stipend available to guests to offset the cost of travel and lodging.

  • We recognize that the DAO is made up of organizations with varying degrees of flexibility in their budgets. If the cost of travel would be a barrier for you to attend the Annual, we have $600 travel stipends available to offset the cost. This opportunity is available to all invited organizations outside of Denver, CO and need is self-determined. Organizations are eligible for more than one travel stipend if more members from your organization are attending. You can indicate your request for a stipend in the registration form, and they will be paid promptly after the event.

  • The ticket includes access to all the content and social events for the Annual, as well as lunch both days and dinner on October 3.

  • The events will be held at the Evans School, centrally located in Denver’s Golden Triangle District. There are a number of hotel choices within walking distance of the event venue. Here are a few recommendations:

A special thank you to The Lambrecht Family Foundation for sponsoring the Big Green Annual 2023.