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Big Green Ambassadors Plant tiny seeds with big dreams.

Big Greenies is a diverse community of Big Green champions who are passionate about helping people grow food. We'd love for you to join us.

Join the mission

Small actions, big dreams – let's grow together. Greenies are an extension of the Big Green team and represent our brand through our core campaigns, social promotion, and community engagement.

High school boy holding a leaf

How to Help

One of the most impactful ways you can support our mission is by supporting our campaigns and hosting a fundraiser!

Every dollar brings our mission to life by helping people grow food.

  1. Step one

    Choose a goal

    Here are some goals that are sure to make an impact!

    • $25: Empower a classroom or family with a versatile grow bag.

    • $100: Gift a patio garden to a family, bringing homegrown food to their doorstep.

    • $500: Supply a family with a raised bed garden and a full year of gardening essentials.

    • $2,500: Transform a school with a comprehensive DIY garden kit.

  2. Step two

    Create a fundrasier

    We recommend utilizing the built-in fundraising tools from your favorite social app.

    You can learn how to set up a fundraiser on each app, linked below.

  3. Step three

    Promote our mission

    Do what you do best and spread the word! Share why growing food is important to you and how your followers support can make a BIG difference.

Campaign Calendar

  • Give a Garden 11/28/22 -1/1/2024
  • Plant a Seed Day 3/19/2024

Why host a fundraiser

  • Your voice is powerful and your efforts will help underserved communities, homes, and schools grow food.
  • In appreciation, we do our best to highlight your efforts through our various channels, from social media shoutouts to newsletter mentions.
  • Organize a fundraiser for Big Green before January 1, 2023, and receive a special thank-you kit from us. It's our way of acknowledging your valuable contribution to our mission.