Our Team

Kimbal Musk
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Hugo Matheson

Madeleine Nelson
Vice President of Advancement

Dianna Zeegers
Vice President of Program

Nicole Alamo
Director of Marketing Campaigns

Marie Dennan
Assistant Director of Programs

Sydney Futrell
Director of Philanthropy

Megan Hale
Marketing Manager

Ava Jackson
Director of Programmatic Operations

Sam Koentopp
Director of Educational Programs

Jonathan Pavley
National Garden and Product Manager

Matthew Ramsden
Director of Community

Parker Rechsteiner
Event Manager

Jasmine Rice
Administrative Assistant

Laura Thompson
Director of Strategic Alliances

Board Members

Kimbal Musk, Board Chairman The Kitchen

Don Degnan, Director The Kitchen

Dorsey Hopson, Director Cigna

Wendy Lea, Director Strategic Advisor, Technology and Innovation

Hugo Matheson, Director The Kitchen

Cindy Mercer, Director Planet Heritage Foundation

Larry Mueller, Director Cuvée

Michael Tang, Director National Material LP

Letter from the Board: Big Green's Promise