Upcoming Spring 2017 Learning Garden Workshops

We’re looking forward to another year of gardening, teaching and learning in Chicago.  To help support teachers work with their Learning Gardens, Big Green will be leading several garden workshops in the coming months.  All workshops are from 4:30 – 6:30pm and free of charge to Big Green network teachers.  See below for more information and links to register!

Summer Learning Garden Workshop: May 23, 24, and 25

Join us to plan your summer Learning Garden and receive all the goodies you need to make it happen. Take your pick: leave the workshop with seedlings for themed plantings (think Salsa Garden, Plant Parts Garden, and 3 Sisters Garden) or with cover crop seeds for a healthy, low-maintenance garden.

Materials provided to each school: Summer vegetable seedlings or cover crop seeds, compost, summer garden map and planting plan.

Follow the links below to register:

May 23: Summer Workshop at Agassiz Elementary

May 24: Summer Workshop at Chicago Tech High School

May 25: Summer Workshop at Miles Davis Elementary Schools