FACE2FACE Summer Workshop Series: Schedule and Resources

In collaboration with our partners at FACE2 and Chicago Grows Food, Big Green Chicago is hosting a virtual summer workshop series on a variety of introductory summer gardening topics. Below you will find a complete schedule of the series as well as links to the flyer with the registration link. Each workshop will be held virtually via Zoom every other Tuesday, from 4:30- 5:30 PM CST. This page will be updated with links to a blog post of each individual workshop, where you can find a recording of the workshop, a copy of the slideshow, a Q&A document, and links to other resources. We hope to see you at one of the upcoming workshops!

Running Q&A document from summer workshop series

Session 1: Intro to Gardening in Chicago, June 15th, featuring Dr. Akilah Martin from AM Root Builders

Session 2: Encouraging Biodiversity, June 29th, featuring Danielle Russell from Openlands

Session 3: Watering Your Garden, July 6th

Session 4: Harvesting Summer Crops, July 20th

Session 5: Garden Recipes, August 3rd

Session 6: Soil Health, August 17th

Session 7: Transitioning Back to School, August 31st