Global Prep @ Riverside School 44

Student Story:

“When you go out there, you feel like the plants are growing. I like the tomatoes and the cucumbers and the strawberries.”
– Stella, 2nd grader.

Garden Team Story:

“What is one of the most interesting aspects about our Learning Garden program is that the adults learn as much as the students do about gardening. A lot of times, it’s the adults that interact in the garden that are surprised at the variety of plants that can be produced both in our school yard and also in the amount of space we have. As a dual language school, one of the best lessons we had with the families was using the ingredients from our salsa garden to make fresh salsa from scratch. We hosted families after school hours and the teachers taught how to make salsa as part of a lesson in both languages so the parents had a chance to be the students. Our massive crop of cilantro really came in handy in feeding our large group.”
– Bonnie Kulenkamp, Director of Exceptional Learners and Garden Partner at Global Prep Academy.

Historia del Estudiante:

“Cuando sales, sientes que las plantas están creciendo”. Me gustan los tomates, los pepinos y las fresas. ”
– Stella, 2do grado.

Historia de la Directora:

“Lo que es uno de los aspectos más interesantes de nuestro programa Learning Garden es que los adultos aprenden tanto como los estudiantes sobre la jardinería. Muchas veces, los adultos que interactúan en el jardín se sorprenden de la variedad de plantas que se pueden producir tanto en el patio de nuestra escuela como en la cantidad de espacio que tenemos. Al ser una escuela de dos idiomas, una de las mejores lecciones que tuvimos con las familias fue el uso de los ingredientes de nuestro jardín de salsa para hacer una salsa fresca desde cero. Recibimos a familias después del horario escolar y los maestros enseñaron cómo hacer salsa como parte de una lección en ambos idiomas para que los padres tuvieran la oportunidad de ser estudiantes. Nuestra gran cosecha de cilantro fue realmente útil para alimentar a nuestro gran grupo “.
– Bonnie Kulenkamp, directora de Exceptional Learners and Garden Partner en Global Prep Academy
Butler Lab School IPS #60

Student Story:

“Worms even though they don’t look pretty, they’re a beauty of nature to me.”
– Frankie, Kindergartener

Teacher Story:

Our K/1 class adores spending time in the garden. We love to snack on produce, herbs, and harvest veggies. Some friends created a ““Salad Store” ” to share the produce we harvested. The employees of the store worked hard to wash, bag, and label the produce for classmates to take home and enjoy.
– Sarah McDaniel, Garden Team Lead, K/1st Grade Teache

SUPER School IPS # 19

Administrator Story:

Having a learning garden helps our students make connections to the natural world. Students tend to eat more fruits and vegetables as a result of knowing how to grow their own food. The garden also ties into our social and emotional learning program as students recognize the garden as a safe and calming place to be.

– John McClure; , Principal

Hornet Park Elementary:

Administrator Story:

Inside the walls of Hornet Park we shower our children with love, nourish their minds with instruction, and shine the light of new learning to help them all grow. The Learning Garden has given our students the opportunity to plan, care, observe, and be amazed at nature unfolding from seed to plant to plate! Thank you for giving the students and staff such an organic experience!
– Principal, Erin Probus, Principal

Chapelwood Elementary:

Garden Song:

Use printout of garden photo packetGrow

We place a seed into the ground,
We give it water and air.
The sunshine helps it through the soil
With tender loving care.

The moment you begin to see
A sprout peek through the dirt
You know you are the key
That made this garden work.

From my little hand
With the help of nature’s mother
Lots of healthy veggies grow
One after another.

Knowing that I’ve done my part
For the seeds we’ve helped to sow
Makes me feel so good inside
Because we helped them grow
Grow, grow, grow, grow.

– Dedicated to the Chapelwood Learning Garden, written by Amy Beasley, music teacher