Voices from Colorado

“They are amazed to see what comes out of the ground. There is a time element. And things grow with time, and then all of sudden you reap the results of your labor. So I think that’s a good thing.”

“My first grade can tell you all about pollination, even the process. They can tell you what photosynthesis is. First graders, can tell you what photosynthesis is. That the seed coat it’s not finished eating cause he’s not big enough yet, so and then they tell the other children, don’t rip that off, cause he’s not finished eating that, he’s a baby, and he can’t make his food by himself, and these are first graders.”

“Big Green Memphis not only designed and provided a garden, but also brought together a staff whose common bonds are gardening and educating our students. Seeing that our school is in the heart of the Whitehaven community, where children do not have a clue about gardening, I find this to be an ongoing partnership that would continually cultivate students to be health conscious about the foods they choose to eat. I’ve shared my story about a young boy who has not seen Swiss Chard nor any vegetables other than canned corn. On Harvest Day, we prepared a recipe from Big Green Memphis and the young boy looked at the Swiss Chard and said that he wanted to give it a try. Once he tried the Swiss Chard, he loved it so much, he ate about five full plates of Swiss Chard! Exposing students to garden grown foods increases the students’ knowledge about the foods they like and want to eat, in which strikes their interest in healthier eating.”

– Kenya Berry
CoChair of Science Content Committee and Chair of Learning Garden
at Holmes Rd. Elementary