What’s the power of one little seed?

How about 1000?

A seed bank is a collection of thousands of seeds – some big, some small – that make an important investment in the future.  That’s what The Seed Bank is – Big Green’s brand new monthly giving program and community of individuals who know we can change the world when we work together. 

If you believe every student deserves access to hands-on learning opportunities and real food education, The Seed Bank is for you. Make a small monthly investment and together, we’ll make a HUGE annual impact. A monthly gift of just $25 can sow the seeds of a healthier future for kids across the country.  


A Little Goes a Long Way

You can personally improve the lives of kids across the country – and it’s easy (and affordable!). Choose to give whatever amount feels right to you and watch your impact grow. Your gift will be magnified by the entire Seed Bank community- which means we’ll be able to accomplish more together than ever before.

Your monthly contribution will:

  1. Expand our Learning Garden network
  2. Connect kids to real food
  3. Support essential education programs
  4. Provide tools & resources to teachers

Exclusive Member Benefits

When you become a member of the Seed Bank, you’ll receive:

  1. A special welcome gift
  2. Access to news, events, and more.
  3. Photos, videos, and stories of the children and communities you’ve impacted.
  4. Quarterly member updates.

When you give monthly, you show kids that you’re there for them today, you’re there for them tomorrow, and you’re there for them every day after that.

A monthly donation of just $45 can provide an entire classroom of students a year of Learning Garden programming, making high-quality real food education accessible year-round.