Join our Team of Do-ers

How does a Learning Garden get installed, a nutrition education come to life, or a real food movement change the nation? Simple. It all begins with do-ers like you. There are many ways to be a do-er and a team like ours needs them all.


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Change Maker

You’ve never met a problem that can’t be solved with hard work and an amazing team. That’s why you’re just like a Learning Garden. Learning Gardens are the backbone of the Big Green community and they’re the driving force behind amazing change. Just ask the teachers who say the Learning Garden has transformed their school food environment for the better. Change has to start somewhere, why not with you?

Rule Breaker

You’re all about outside the box ideas and never taking no for an answer. That’s why you’re just like a radish. Yeah, you read that right, a radish. Kids are picky eaters – ask anyone. Just don’t tell that to a Learning Garden radish because it’s too busy proving you wrong. In fact, kids who grow their own radishes in the Learning Garden increase their preference for them by 24%. Rules are made to be broken, aren’t they?

Fearless Leader

You’ve got the next big idea and the drive to make it happen. You may not call yourself a visionary – but that’s because everyone else already does. That’s why you’re just like a Real Food Lab student. These kids are making waves in their community by launching their very own real food business from their school Learning Garden. Today, they’re spearheading a neighborhood farm stand. Tomorrow? Just you wait.

Dream Believer

You’ve got a gift, and that’s making dreams come true. That’s why you’re like a Learning Garden team leader. Before Big Green can join a school, someone has to believe in our dream and start their school’s application. They have to believe that hands-on, garden based-education can change their students’ lives and that real food is worth fighting for. No matter how great an idea is, it can’t go anywhere without believers like you.