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Cosechando Cabezas de Lechuga

Harvesting Onions

Harvesting Peppers

Big Green Impact Map Walkthrough

Chickpea Kale Salad

Infused Water

Whole Grain Experiment

Harvesting Cucumbers

Cosechando Brotes de Chicharos

Interplanting Onions and Garlic

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Harvesting Carrots

Harvesting Garlic Scapes

Plant Part Sandwich

Harvesting Summer Squash Zucchini

Effective Watering with Your Upcycled Watering Can

Planting Lettuce Seedlings with Your Class

Introducing the Three Sisters Garden

Mounding Potatoes

Tracking your Harvests

Installing a Trellis in your Learning Garden

Planting Garlic

Tilling Cowpeas

Cosechando Lechugas Bebes

Cosechando Espinacas

Harvesting Potatoes

Broadcast Seeding

Plant a Seed Day on the Today Show NBC

Wonderland - A Glamour Fairytale Party 2016

Watering with a Hose and Spray Nozzle

Big Green at PREP Academy

Harvesting Potatoes

Introducing Big Green

Planting Spinach and Radish Seeds With Your Class

Amending Soil with Compost

Cosechando Rabanos

Harvesting Nasturtium Flowers

Harvesting Head Lettuce

Planting Potatoes

Trimming Strawberry Runners

Harvesting Beans

Willow Garlic Growers Menu Fall 2017

Sweet Potato Harvest

Introducing your Perennial Herb Garden

2016 Summer Entrepreneurship Program Thank You!

Assessing Growth of your Salsa Garden

Introducing the Three Sisters Garden

Planting Peas for Pea Shoots with Your Class

Students Planting Garlic

Assessing Garden Growth across 46 days Seeds & Head lettuce