Little Rainclouds Activity

Activity Outcomes

  • Students will safely and efficiently water the Learning Garden
  • The entire class will be able to participate in watering the Learning Garden
  • Students will learn that the roots take up water to the rest of the plant

Materials and Prep

  • Several large buckets or containers filled with water, place around your Learning Garden
  • 15 – 30 reusable containers (e.g. plastic cups or clean milk cartons)
  • Review lesson and familiarize yourself with your Learning Garden

Teacher Background

The Little Raincloud activity features a watering technique that is an effective and safe way to water your Learning Garden with all of you students at one time. Students will learn the proper way to water seeds and seedlings, and teachers will have a manageable, hands on opportunity to discuss plant care and the water cycle with the entire class.


Welcome your students to the Learning Garden and line students up along one side of the Learning Garden. Stand on the opposite side of the Learning Garden so you can address the entire group.

Let your students know that they will soon be watering the seeds and seedlings in your Learning Garden. To prepare, we will be learning a watering technique that we can use in the Learning Garden any time we want to water as a class.

Ask students to explain why they think that seeds and seedlings need water to grow. Solicit responses and if appropriate, encourage students to think about why they need water.

Next ask students to describe what part of the plant will be responsible for taking in water. It is the leaves? The stems? The roots? Let students know that the roots take up water and deliver it to the rest of the plant and because of this we will need to carefully water the soil around each of our seeds and seedlings.

Garden Activity

Demonstrate how to safely water using the Little Raincloud technique. Students should follow along, pretending to water the Learning Garden as you go through the technique.

Technique: Hold a cup of water in one hand. Place the other hand with the palm facing up towards the sky and fingers loosely cupped about 6-8 inches above the surface of the garden. Pour the cup of water slowly into the palm of the other hand, letting the water gently drizzle through the fingers onto the soil in a manner that mimics gentle rain drops. Move hands together back and forth over the garden to direct water to the dry soil and avoid create puddles of water.

Ask students to line up behind the buckets or containers and hand out cups to the first few students in line.

Have students fill the cup with water and move to a spot in the Leaning Garden that needs water.


Have students share out key parts of today’s discussion and review the Activity Outcomes.

Students should clean-up the Learning Garden as needed.