Salsa Garden


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Planting Your Salsa Garden Video

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Tomato Seedlings – Tallest Plant
Basil Seedlings
Pepper Seedlings
Onion Seedlings – Separate individual onions from each other.

Two Example Salsa Garden Layouts
Use these maps to guide you as you plant your Salsa Garden

*Begin planting your Salsa garden with the tallest plants to the north. Tomatoes are the tallest plant in your Salsa Garden.

Tips for Growing your Salsa Garden

Trellis Tip: You can install your Trellis any time before your Tomatoes grow more than a foot. See Trellis Instructions Page for specific materials and details.

Be sure to plant your tomatoes on the north side of your garden.

Bury 50% of the stem of your tomato seedling when planting in order to establish stronger roots.

If you plan to use your drip irrigation, plant your seedlings directly beside the drip emitters.

Harvest Basil by pinching the tops of the newest growth. This will increase future yields, and delay flowering.

As your Tomatoes grow, you will need to weave the branches through the trellis. They will not climb on their own.

Onions can be harvested in late summer after bulbs have developed and the green tops begin to bend over.