Root Veggie Garden

Two Example Root Veggie Garden Layouts

Use these maps to guide you as you plant your Root Veggie Garden

Potatoes and carrots will not shade each other out in separate beds.

Carrot Seeds
Seed Potatoes

Tips for Growing your Root Veggie Garden

Carrots may be harvested once roots are 1/2 inch in diameter or larger. Carrots tend to be sweetest if harvested after fall frosts.

Potatoes are tubers which grow from buried stems of the Potato plant. For maximum yield, follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a deep trench along the center of your Potato Garden which follows the curve of the bed. Plant your potatoes 1” deep in the trench.
  2. Once your potato has grown above the top of your garden, (expect this about a month after the first growth appears) mound the soil to
    cover as much of the stem as you can. Don’t cover every leaf!
  3. After the plant has flowered, loosen the garden soil from the garden edges with a shovel so kids can dig for potatoes by hand!