Stories from the Garden


Memphis School Spotlight: Christ Methodist Day School

Christ Methodist Day school kicked-off their Learning Garden on October 10th, 2017. The school was super excited and decorated their garden with painted rocks and garden stick markers to celebrate the kick-off. Head of School, Dr. Bryan Williams, expressed how the students were curious and excited about their growing garden. “The kids have loved being […]


Memphis School Spotlight: Highland Oaks Elementary

The Learning Garden at Highland Oaks Elementary School was full of enthusiasm from day one. They kicked-off their Learning Garden on October 20th, 2017, and month later they were harvesting arugula, Swiss chard, and collard greens. The students were excited to harvest the vegetables that they had been patiently watching to grow. Fifth grade students […]


Why I Want to Bring #RealFood to 100,000 Schools Across America

American children are being fed processed, nutrient-poor food that leaves them starving and obese at the same time.  Our food system is destroying their growing bodies and minds. With an estimated $63.5 trillion in total private wealth, America is more wealthy than any other country in the world. Yet our children are bearing the burden […]


Nick and Roberto

Nick and Roberto attend McAuliffe Elementary School, which is located in the city’s Hermosa neighborhood. Nick is a 6th grader, and Roberto a 7th grader. Both are fond of their time in the Learning Garden. Nick is a diverse learner – he has developmental delays that affect his ability to learn. Though he can speak, […]


Hard Soil

If you’ve gardened, then you know that it’s best to plant seeds and bulbs in loose, giving soil. Hard soil is difficult to work with. But sometimes, hard soil is what you have. Garvey Elementary School is on Chicago’s far south side, on 103rd street. It’s in the Morgan Park community, bordered by Roseland and Washington Heights […]