Big Green now offers free, on-demand courses to support educators in their implementation of garden and nutrition curriculum, programming, and overall growth in teaching Food Literacy concepts. All courses are offered through Google Classroom. To access the courses follow these steps:
  1. Determine if your professional email allows access to Google Classroom. If not, either create a personal Gmail account or use a personal email address.
  2. Select the link for the course you want to take or use the code provided in the title to join the course.
  3. Complete the course requirements and final quiz to obtain a certificate of completion.

Course Options

Teaching Ready, Set, Grow!

Duration: 4 Hours This Big Green’s curriculum for students in grades K-8. The curriculum supports academic goals in ELA, science, and health through the lens of food literacy and school gardens. This online course is designed for educators to support the successful implementation of these materials at your site.  Course outcomes include:
  • Articulate the importance of food literacy to support equity for our students and communities.
  • Understand the scope and sequence of lessons, modules, and grade banded content.
  • Review embedded strategies and tools to support effective instruction and management in a garden or outdoor space.
  • Explore options for implementation and create a plan for your site.
Course Code: 3q52kgv

Food Literacy: Full Course

Duration: 10-15 Hours Food literacy means having the skills, knowledge, and habits required for individuals to make food decisions that benefit themselves, their communities, and the planet. It involves an understanding of the seasonality of local food, and the environmental, social, and economic dynamics involved in both local and large-scale food systems. At Big Green, our Food Literacy Framework is organized around five principles: Our Food System, The Power of Our Food Choices, Healthy Eating, Growing Your Own Food, and Harvesting and Preparing Your Own Food. Each of these is explored in their own module within the course. Through this learning experience, participants will gain the skills and knowledge required to demonstrate and teach food literacy. Course Code: 2sulwte

Food Literacy: Module 1

Duration: 3 Hours Big Green offers a course series on Food Literacy. Participants can take the full course or individual modules. Module 1: Our Food System explores the complex path food takes to get from producers to our plates — and how local, regional, and industrial-scale food systems differ. The first step in getting to know our food system is exploring the production, distribution, and processing of food, as well as discussing the prevalence of food waste. These steps are almost always hidden from the consumer, so let’s start with an introduction to the journey that our food takes to get to our plates. Course Code: oabjn2g

COMING SOON: Teaching Real Food Lab!

Need assistance to access the course? Contact or reach out to your local Big Green team member.