MLive | National nonprofit aims to put gardens in 100 Detroit schools

Tesla founder Elon Musk’s brother is announcing a $5 million initiative to bring food education programs to more than 100 Metro Detroit schools.

Big Green, a nonprofit dedicated to building a healthier future for kids, is announcing an expansion into Metro Detroit, with plans to build learning gardens in local schools.

The Learning Gardens are intended to give kids an outdoor space for food literacy programs.

“Access to real food is one of the key challenges facing our society. Unless we curb our addiction to processed, calorie rich, nutrient poor foods and replace them with real food, we will continue to suffer from obesity-related diseases that kill more people than smoking or gun violence,” said Kimbal Musk, co-founder of Big Green, in a news release.

“Detroit is a resilient city with passionate and dedicated residents who care about the future of their kids and schools. There is inspiring work happening in urban agriculture, community gardening, and school gardens in Detroit; and we are proud to join this collective effort to impact even more kids.”

Big Green plans to build 1,000 learning gardens in 10 cities across the nation by 2020, and Detroit marks the seventh city.

Gordon Food Service, Pathways Foundation, philanthropist Carole Ilitch among others have donated to the initiative.

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