Big Green is offering Jumpstart Grants to schools in San Diego Unified and Oceanside Unified school districts!

Eligible schools can apply for a $2000 Jumpstart Grant to support school investment in sustainable and impactful school garden programming. Funds can be used to support garden maintenance, staffing, professional development, and educational resources needed to help build school garden programming that can change the lives of your students.

Who can apply

Schools interested in applying for this grant are expected to take on full ownership of the garden. Successful school gardens have strong administrative support, clear programmatic or curricular integrations, and a school-wide commitment to facilitate outdoor education for all children. In order to participate, schools have to meet the following criteria: 

  • Serve students meeting 65% FRL or another metric of economic disadvantage.
  • Have a plan of action that ensures youth will consistently and strategically use the Learning Garden as a regular part of the school day.
  • Have the full support of the school administration and a multi-member team dedicated to the integration of the Learning Garden into the goals, structures and overall culture of the school.

Key Dates

January 30, 2023: Application and Online Learning Opens 

March 10, 2023: Applications Due 

April, 2023: Fund Disbursement to District Begins

April, 2024: End of Grant Cycle