We are so excited that you will be implementing Garden Bites in your classroom this year! To access the curriculum, click here and navigate to your grade band at the bottom of the screen.

Below you will find resources to support planning and implementing Garden Bites in your classroom. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Garden Educator with questions that arise!

Garden Bites Overview

Program Menu: 
As you prepare to teach Garden Bites, take a look at the Garden Bites Program Menu for an overview of the lesson sequence:

Standards Alignment:
Garden Bites is aligned to Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and National Health Education Standards. Click on your grade band below to see how Garden Bites aligns to these national standards:

Grocery Stipend:
All participating teachers will receive a grocery stipend allocation, $3 per student, for their classroom(s) based on the number of students that will be receiving the Garden Bites curriculum. To receive the grocery stipend allocation, teachers will need to sign and return the Grocery Stipend Allocation Agreement along with their classroom roster(s).

Once a grocery stipend allocation has been received, it is the responsibility of each teacher to track their grocery stipend spending on the Grocery Stipend Allocation Report and save corresponding receipts. The Grocery Stipend Allocation Report, along with photocopies or scans of corresponding receipts, should be submitted upon completion of Garden Bites.

During Garden Bites, you will prepare and taste 8 recipes with your students. We’ve compiled these recipes, here. Note: each recipe is also available in the corresponding lesson. 

Program Evaluation: 
All participating teachers are asked to complete a teacher post-survey upon completion of Garden Bites – click here to access the survey.  The teacher post-survey will ask teachers to report how many lessons were completed. To keep track of this data, use our Garden Bites Lesson Tracker.

Please note, the teacher post-survey is an important part of Big Green’s program evaluation process and are in no way assessments of the teacher or students. Your participation is crucial to the continuous improvement of Garden Bites in the future.

What to Expect? 
Being prepared to teach and implement Garden Bites in your classroom will help ensure that your students have a positive experience growing, harvesting, preparing, and enjoying produce from your Learning Garden while learning about nutrition and health topics! Check out our What to Expect document for an overview of expectations, including anticipated time commitments.

Below you will find items that must be provided by either the school or teacher. 

  • Cooking Equipment – each teacher will need the following:
    • 6 mixing spatulas
    • 6 measuring cups and spoons
    • 6 mixing bowls
    • 1 chef knife (for teacher use only)
    • 1 plastic cutting board (for teacher use only)
    • 1 salad spinner
    • Dish soap and sponges
    • Sundries – paper towels, dixie cups, plates, spoons, toothpicks, etc.
  • Classroom Supplies – each classroom must be equipped with:
    • Access to a sink with running, potable water
    • Storage for cooking, garden, and harvest supplies
    • Pens/pencils
    • Computer (optional)
    • Projector with hook-up cables (optional)
    • Wifi/Internet (optional)
    • Garden and harvest equipment (for 30 students)
  • Each school must supply the following:
    • Productive and thriving school garden
    • 30 clipboards (or hard surface for writing)
    • 5-10 trowels
    • 2 harvest buckets with lids
    • 1 adult harvest scissors
    • 12 child scissors
    • 1 analog scale
    • Refrigerator or space to store garden produce
    • Harvest Tracking Sheet, click here

Want to connect with other educators using our Garden Bites curriculum? 

Join our Garden Bites group in Schoology using the Access Code: R9BR4-H7HQV.