Watering your garden regularly is perhaps the most important thing you can do to take good care of your garden. It’s also a rewarding activity for your students and a way for them to stay involved with the garden regularly!

Here on our watering page, you will find the tools and guides you need to manage watering at your school as well as watering activities and demonstration videos. Think about the school and community resources you have available to you and apply the following guidance, tools, and strategies to your school and community:

Planning and Recruitment
Engage your school community of teachers, families, and neighbors to share in the work and celebration of your school garden.

Classroom Watering Activities
Engage your students in watering with these kid-friendly watering techniques.

Watering Guides
(English and Spanish)

Watering Videos
What are the watering needs of my garden, and what tools do I have to water?

Your Water Source
Learning Gardens are installed directly adjacent to a potable water source provided by your school. Be sure to use the potable water source provided. To learn more about water safety, take a look at the following pages on safe water sources.