Congratulations on growing an edible garden! The final, and tastiest, step in the process of growing a Learning Garden is to harvest and eat the produce you and your students have grown. Below you will see more information about our suggested methods for eating and distributing Learning Garden produce. Use our Dig Into Real Food Poster (Spanish version!) in your classroom to showcase these methods!

First, be sure you have all the tools you need to harvest and review our Harvesting Kit for more information.

Food Safety. Review the following food safety documents and posters and keep food safety at the forefront of all activities involving eating produce from your garden.

Classroom Tastings. Bring garden produce into your classroom and into your school day through our Tasting Tour Activity and Tasting Activities. Tasting Tours in the Learning Garden require no preparation other than knowing what is available to harvest!  Tasting Activities are simple, no-cook, recipes that are easy to prepare and serve with a classroom of students.  Use the resources below to create an unforgettable tasting and eating experience for your students.

Garden to Cafeteria. Each school district will have a specific set of guidelines around serving garden produce in the school Cafeteria. Reach out to your local Garden Educator for additional guidance and support as they will have experience working with other schools in your district. Use the guide below as a starting point for working with your school’s food service professionals to feature your garden produce in your school’s cafeteria:

Start a Farm Stand. Connect with your local community, families, and partners through a school-run Farm Stand. Farm Stands are a great way for students to showcase the fruits of their labor and share their harvests with family and friends. Use the resources below and start a Farm Stand at your school:

Send Produce Home. Oftentimes, after a harvest day, there is extra garden produce that was not eaten and needs to find a home. Send garden produce home with students along with a note explaining where the garden produce came from and some simple preparation tips!