Three Sister Garden


Teaching in your Three Sisters Garden Video

Planting Your Three Sisters Garden Video

Mid-Summer Garden Assessment Video

Harvesting Your Three Sisters Garden Video

Corn Seeds (Vertical Growth for Beans)
Bean Seeds (Climbs the Corn)
Squash Seeds (Sprawls as ground cover)

Two Example Three Sisters Garden Layouts

Use these maps to guide you as you plant your Three Sisters Garden

*Be sure to plant your garden with the tallest plants to the north. The Corn is the tallest plant in this garden.

Tips for Growing your Three Sisters Garden

Plant Your Pumpkin in the center of the garden.
Pumpkins (and other winter squashes) may vine and sprawl up to 10 feet. Do your best to keep it contained within your garden!

To extend your harvest opportunities of Zucchini and Yellow Squash, plant your squashes one at a time with a full week in between plantings.

Plant your Corn and Beans at the same time. As both plants begin to grow, direct your vining Beans towards the Corn and they will use the Corn as a vertical trellis to climb upwards.

Zucchini and Yellow Squash are best harvested when fruits are 6-9 inches long. Cut at stem with a knife.

Beans can be harvested when young or mature.
Harvest young as snap beans before beans bulge the pods outward.
Harvest mature as dry beans once pods are fully dry.