Plant Parts Garden

Two Example Plant Part Garden Layouts

Use these maps to guide you as you plant your Plant Parts Garden.

*Be sure to plant your garden with the tallest plants to the north.The tallest plant in this garden will be Cucumbers.


Beet Seeds – Edible Root
Celery Seedlings – Edible Stem
Chard Seeds – Edible Stem (and leaf)
Kale Seedlings – Edible Leaf
Broccoli Seedlings – Edible Immature Flower (Plant in July)
Nasturtium Seeds – Edible Flower
Cucumber Seeds – Edible Fruit
Dill Seeds – Edible Seeds
Cilantro Seeds – Edible Seeds

Tips for Growing your Plant Parts Garden

Install your Trellis any time before your Cucumbers grow more than a foot. See Trellis Instructions Page for specific materials and details.

Celery requires plenty of water, nutrients, and time. Be sure to give extra of all of these when possible.

Cucumbers may not find their trellis without help. Weave vines along the trellis where you would like them to go.

Broccoli has a short harvest window. Heads will not grow larger across, they will only continue to mature into flowers. if you see broccoli beginning to form, plan to harvest soon.

The only cleaning Nasturtium flowers need is a quick check for bugs living inside. Eat flowers and leaves. Once fruiting, check for Cucumber harvests twice per week.

Cucumbers grow lengthwise first, then fill out in width. Harvest before cucumbers bulge in width.