Planning to Harvest and Eat from Your Learning Garden

All of your work in the garden culminates at harvest time! Harvesting your garden requires only a small amount of gardening know how to be successful – it mostly requires your creativity and personal experiences with preparing food. Reach out to your local Big Green Garden Educators for guidance on safe harvesting as well as ideas and recipes for eating your fresh produce with students.

When you are preparing to harvest, be sure you consider the following questions:

  • Who will harvest?
  • When will crops be ready to harvest?
  • What tools will you need?
  • Who will enjoy the harvest?
  • How will you prepare the harvest?
  • What supplies will you need?

Tips and Pointers

  • Not everything in the garden will be ready to harvest at the same time. You may have multiple harvests – some big, some small.
  • If you have garden or harvest specific questions, share photos of your plants with your Big Green Garden Educators for the quickest response.
  • Engage parents and others in your community to assist and enjoy in the harvest. They likely will have valuable experience and time to share make your harvest extra special.
  • You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what students will eat when they grow it themselves!
  • Take notes after each harvest to track your bounty and help plan for next year.