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Congratulations on growing your veggie garden! Harvesting your garden will be a rewarding experience for you and your students. Be sure to invite any volunteers who helped you grow your produce and, as always, consult with your Garden Team to make sure your harvest aligns with other harvest plans your school has made. Also please keep in mind to follow all local guidelines and regulations around food safety.

Harvest Planning. As you prepare to harvest with your students, be sure to plan accordingly and use the resources below to engage your school and classroom in the harvesting your garden:

Harvesting Food Safety. While you are harvesting, keep your the garden and harvested garden produce clean. Be sure to store your garden produce quickly and properly. For more information about food safety, reference our Tasting and Eating page and review the resources below:

Track your Harvests. It is important to keep track of your harvests throughout the growing season, be sure to involve your students in this process and make it a math activity! At the end of the season, your classroom can review the harvest data to plan for future growing seasons and celebrate the successes you had this growing season! Use the resources below to plan for future harvests, and to see your school improve gardening and garden planning each year.

Share your Harvest Data.  We are working with all Learning Garden schools to collect harvest data. When you share your harvest data with us you will automatically be entered in to win one of several prices for your school and Learning Garden, like a classroom Kitchen Kit!

In addition, all schools who share their harvest data with Big Green will receive a harvest summary at the end of each growing season. This summary will show how much produce you harvested from your Learning Garden, how many students participated in harvesting and eating activities, and a snapshot of what your school did with all your garden produce.

Upload your harvest data using our Harvest Tracking Form. You can also navigate to our Harvest Tracking Form by using the following url:

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