Mulching Your Garden

Why Mulch

  • Maintains long term soil health
  • Evens soil moisture and reduces need for frequent watering
  • Suppresses weeds
  • Healthier plant roots
  • Maintains more consistent soil temperatures
  • Gets a jump on spring planting

What Type of Mulch to Use

  • Leaves (shredded is best)
  • Lawn clippings (try to avoid grass with seeds)
  • Straw (AVOID HAY as is contains weed seeds)
  • Try to stay away from wood chips as these break down very slowly and can rob the soil of nitrogen
  • Avoid chemical laden mixes and dyes
  • Try to stay local when sourcing mulch – leaves are abundant and work great

How To Mulch

  • For effective mulching apply mulch between 4 and 6 inches thick
  • Water your mulch, this will help it break down and become an available food source for your soil microbes, it also aids in keeping your mulch in place in windy environments
  • Do not bury stems of plants in mulch as this can cause mold to develop on otherwise healthy garden plants

When To Mulch

  • Mulch is great for your garden all year long
  • Especially important to mulch before putting your garden to bed (around October)

Where to Mulch

  • Mulch everywhere in the garden
  • Be mindful of newly planted seeds
  • Allow light to penetrate the areas where your seeds have been planted