Scavenger Hunts Adaptable Activity

For a quick and easy Learning Garden scavenger hunt print out the clues below and hand one clue to a group of 2 or 3 students. Have students find their clue and discuss the additional questions in preparation for a class room share out.

Learning Garden Scavenger Hunt Clues:
1. Find the tallest and shortest plants and identify the plants. What advantages do they have over other plants?

2. Find a pollinator in action and identify what kind it is. What plant was it pollinating?

3. Search for the biggest and smallest leaves in the garden and identify the plants. What advantages do they have over other plants?

4. Search for three different insects in the garden. Which ones did you find and what are they doing? Why do insects like to live in the Learning Garden?

5. Identify two plants that are ready to harvest. Think of three recipes that you could you make using these ingredients.

6. How many different colors can you find in the garden? Find one item in the Learning Garden for each of the colors in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

7. Find an edible example of each plant part: seed, leaf, stem, root, flower, and fruit.

8. Identify three of the best-smelling things in the Learning Garden. For each thing, what does the smell remind you of?

9. How many different types of (botanical) fruits can you find growing in the Learning Garden? What are they?

10. Find at least five different types of leaves in the Learning Garden. Describe the leaves based on the leaf shape.

11. Find two types of seeds that aren’t located inside a fruit. Without the help of a human, how would these seeds most likely be dispersed?

12. Identify plants that are currently in different stages of the plant life cycle: seed, seedling, plant, plant with fruit, plant with flowers. What stage is each in?