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NBC Chicago / AP | Chicago Announces 100 Learning Gardens at Schools

Chicago officials are announcing that they have installed a total of 100 gardens where students can grow fruit and vegetables at their schools. In a news release, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office says what are called Learning Gardens that started being installed last year now provide more than 50,000 children with “hands-on nutrition and science education […]


The Denver Post | The Kitchen in Boulder puts recipes on billboards

I like tipping my hat to people in the food world who do good things (beyond magic in the saute pan). So I can’t resist trumpeting what The Kitchen owner Kimbal Musk is advertising on billboards and bus benches in struggling neighborhoods around Denver. Maybe you have seen them. They say things like: Olive oil […]


ABC News San Francisco | Students get tour of Tesla factory

VIDEO | Tesla opened its doors to demonstrate how science, technology, engineering and math are used in our daily lives.


Los Angeles Times | Planting A Seed

The preschoolers walked in a single-file line across the blacktop playground to a macaroni-shaped garden bed of dirt. Then the students at Sixth Avenue Elementary School in central Los Angeles listened as they were taught to till the soil, spread it out and dig fingertip-sized holes.


Daily Camera | Boulder Community Hospital’s rooftop garden supplies some of the café’s produce

Julie Hauser spends several hours a week, harvesting garden produce. Last week, she filled a bag with Lemon Boy and Green Zebra tomatoes and snipped basil and parsley. She even harvested a baby cantaloupe. “It’s the first cantaloupe I’ve ever grown,” she says. The harvest wasn’t destined for her table, however. Instead, it will make […]

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