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MEDIUM | The Musk Who Wants to Change The Way We Eat

Kimbal Musk was being careful on the day he almost died. It was February 14, 2010. He had arrived in Jackson Hole straight from the TED conference in Long Beach to spend time with his family on a ski weekend. TED had inspired him: the prize winner that year was chef Jamie Oliver, who spoke […]


The Economist | Rahmbo’s Toughest Mission

IN WASHINGTON, DC, Rahm Emanuel had such a tough-guy reputation that people called him “Rahmbo”. Now the former White House enforcer, who has been mayor of Chicago since 2011, faces a challenge as hard as any he met in the nation’s capital.


Christian Science Monitor | Learning gardens teach kids to love the outdoors

What happens when you outfit over 100 schools with 500-3,000 square foot outdoor gardening classrooms? Spontaneous gardening and a lifelong love of growing, hopes one nonprofit.


Hartford Sentinel | Avenal schools get new gardens

AVENAL — Students in Avenal and Kettleman City will get a chance to get some extra hands-on learning experience next school year. Paramount Farms is paying $90,000 for the creation of three year-round learning gardens to be located at Avenal High School, Reef-Sunset Middle School and Kettleman City Elementary School.Through the gardens, students will be […]


GoGreen Seattle | Kimbal Musk on Creating A Community Through Food

The story of The Kitchen started when Kimbal’s black lab jumped into the lap of stranger – just like a scene out of one of Woody Allen’s romantic comedies. Unlike Woody’s stories which always focus on him – Kimbal’s story ended with a bistro that is all about others – a place brings family, friends […]

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