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FAST COMPANY | Most Innovative Companies

In many homes, the kitchen is a hub of activity, the place where parents cook meals, kids do homework at the table, and pets hover underfoot for scraps. It’s the place everyone wants to be. When Hugo Matheson, Kimbal Musk (brother of Tesla founder Elon Musk), and Jen Lewin launched The Kitchen in 2004, they […]


FATHERLY | Get Your Kids Excited About Growing Their Food With Tips From A Gardening Innovator

“A lot of kids don’t understand where any of their food comes from, which is why they often have no problem eating at McDonalds,” says Kimbal Musk, co-founder of Big Green. Like his brother Elon, Kimbal is a visionary hellbent on making the world a better place. His nonprofit has given over 240 schools across […]


THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL | USDA official sees benefits of urban gardening programs

In the middle of a community still reeling from the closure of Treadwell High School, Dan DeShon and his middle school students took what he calls a “barren wasteland of grass and weeds” and transformed it into an entrance garden where chrysanthemums, azaleas and daffodils flower.


FAST COMPANY | Meet the (other) Musk brother who wants to change the world of food

Kimbal Musk was 25 when he and his brother Elon (perhaps you’ve heard of him?) sold their first tech company, called Zip2, for around $300 million. Elon poured some of his money into his next venture, which later became PayPal. Kimbal invested, but left Silicon Valley for culinary school, and later started opening a series […]


The Daily News | Growing Gardens in Memphis Schools

In September, children at Resurrection Catholic School harvested sweet potatoes out of the garden they had been studying all year. They knew about soil content and the lifecycle of a seed, and they knew that there was something special about these sweet potatoes. .

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