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Electrek | Elon Musk’s brother is giving away the Tesla Model 3 #6 for a good cause

Kimbal Musk, Elon’s brother, a Tesla board member, and an accomplished restaurateur is giving away his Tesla Model 3, the 6th one ever made, in order to raise money for his organization that provides learning gardens for children…


Business Insider | Kimbal Musk- Elon’s brother- is giving away one of the first Tesla Model 3s ever made

It’s perhaps no surprise that Kimbal Musk — Elon’s brother — owns one of the first Tesla Model 3s ever built. Now he’s giving his $60,000 ride to one lucky person who wins a contest. To enter, all they have to do is donate at least $10 toward his food nonprofit, Big Green. While Elon […]


Bloomberg | Musk’s Brother Finds Good Use for Tesla Model 3 Shortage

Tesla Inc. has a new electric car, the relatively affordable Model 3, that its factory is struggling to produce in enough numbers to meet red-hot demand. Kimbal Musk, a company director and brother of Tesla CEO Chairman Elon Musk, has a plan to put that problem to good use…


Food Tank | Kimbal Musk’s Vision to Build Healthy, Vibrant Communities Across America

Kimbal Musk’s nonprofit organization, The Kitchen Community (TKC), is expanding into a new, national nonprofit called Big Green, to build hundreds of outdoor Learning Garden classrooms across America. Learning Gardens teach children an understanding of food, healthy eating, and garden skills through experiential learning and garden-based education that tie into existing school curriculum, such as math, […]


MLive | National nonprofit aims to put gardens in 100 Detroit schools

Tesla founder Elon Musk’s brother is announcing a $5 million initiative to bring food education programs to more than 100 Metro Detroit schools. Big Green, a nonprofit dedicated to building a healthier future for kids, is announcing an expansion into Metro Detroit, with plans to build learning gardens in local schools. The Learning Gardens are intended to […]

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