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Denver Post | Kimbal Musk, owner of The Kitchen restaurants in Colorado…

When Kimbal Musk, 40, and his brother Elon sold their first company, Zip2, in 1999 for more than $300 million, both of them could have spent the rest of their lives doing little more than surfing and spending money. Instead, they kept on working. Elon started PayPal (in which Kimbal was a big investor) and […]


CPS Spotlight |Learning Garden Goes from Seed to Salad

Through the “Eat What You Grow” Harvest Day process, a group of students from Miles Davis Elementary recently turned what they’d grown and harvested in their school’s learning garden into a unique lunchtime event for the entire student body. After carefully sanitizing their tools, the students harvested 13.4 pounds of a lettuce mix that they […]


Sun Times | NATO summit cash to fund 60 vegetable gardens…

The city of Chicago will invest $1 million of unspent NATO Summit money on the development of educational vegetable gardens at 60 Chicago Public Schools. The money — unused federal and private funding raised by the NATO host committee — will go to Big Green, a nonprofit that will organize and implement the Learning Gardens […]


Zester Daily | Kimbal Musk Designs a Future for School Gardens

Kimbal Musk has an audacious plan to destroy America’s appetite for junk food. His big idea? Plastic. Musk wants to revolutionize Alice Waters‘ concept of school gardens as societal change agents by making the gardens easy to build and maintain. More gardens will be installed and more students will learn the joy of growing and […]


Marc Gunther |Kimbal Musk: Cooking for a change

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. In 1991, Kimbal Musk left his native South Africa for Toronto and then Silicon Valley where, with his brother Elon, he started Zip2, the first mapping company on the Internet. “I remember in October, 1995, seeing the first door to door directions on the Internet,” he says. “It was […]

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