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The Jewish News | Big Green, Hazon Partner to Grow Produce At Metro Detroit Schools

Educational gardens will be repurposed as community vegetable sources this summer. Jewish sustainability organization Hazon is partnering with environmental education non-profit Big Green to create new “giving gardens” in several metro Detroit communities this summer. Work on the gardens officially began this week. The garden beds, which already exist as “learning gardens” at public schools, […]


C&G Newspapers | Southfield students plant learning gardens throughout district

SOUTHFIELD — Students of all ages in the Southfield Public Schools district are rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty this fall, all in the name of learning.  On Sept. 21, students from various grades met at Thompson K-8 International Academy to plant learning gardens in front of the school.  According to SPS […]


The Detroit News | School gardens take root in Metro Detroit as labs for learning

Holly — Looking for a spot to begin her elementary school’s very first garden — a place where they could not just grow food but bring science to life — Patterson Elementary School teacher Kathy Marion settled on an area in full sun with room to spread out: smack dab in the middle of the playground. They started small. Using […]


Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Awards $81,245 Grant to Build at Arvada High School

“Arvada High School, with the help of nonprofit organization Big Green, will use GOCO funding to build a 2,000-square-foot learning garden to facilitate and support outdoor education programming. Students and community members provided design ideas for the project, which includes the expansion of the current pollinator garden and the addition of walking paths, including one […]


Fortune | Elon Musk’s Brother Is Auctioning Off One of the First Tesla 3s to Raise Money for This Charity

Tesla (TSLA, -1.26%) has a new electric car, the relatively affordable Model 3, that its factory is struggling to produce in enough numbers to meet red-hot demand. Kimbal Musk, a company director and brother of Tesla CEO Chairman Elon Musk, has a plan to put that problem to good use…

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