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Big Green Memphis is Accepting Applications for Learning Gardens!

  Big Green Memphis is currently accepting applications from schools interested in receiving a Learning Garden! Applications due by Friday, October 19th! Big Green has built 122 Learning Gardens in Memphis to date, and is excited to provide more schools with the opportunity to grow their own food and connect school communities to the real food […]


Memphis Welcomes 100th Learning Garden School!

Wind chills and cloudy skies couldn’t keep Big Green’s Memphis team away from Hamilton Middle School to celebrate the kick off of our 100th learning garden. Hamilton Middle School greeted the team with smiling (and sometimes grossed out) faces, ready to learn about why they got to get out of class for the day. Our team […]


Memphis School Spotlight: Memphis Scholars Caldwell-Guthrie

The superstar of Caldwell-Guthrie’s Learning Garden was a young man named Laterius, a fifth grade student at the school who was the main person in change of watering and taking care of the garden during their fall season. Laterius watered the garden every day.  “I hook the hoses to the connectors and wait about 25 minutes […]


How To: Manage Your Winter Cover Crops

Memphis’s Annual Garden Plan instructed school gardeners to plant snow peas and fava beans as a cover crop over the winter. They may have grown big, they may have grown small, but here’s how to manage them as you’re planning your spring garden. Why does Big Green recommend that we plant something that is not […]


How To: Prepare Your Garden for Spring

     While most of us in January still feel like spring is a distant season far, far away, part of having a successful garden is doing some brainstorming, planning, and preparing for upcoming seasons. In Memphis, our spring gardens will start getting planted towards the end of March. With a growing number of schools […]