Worm Composting Resources

The garden might be covered in snow and ice, but there are still things you can do indoors now to help your spring garden grow!  A great classroom project is worm composting; with the help of red wiggler worms, you can keep food waste out of the trash can and turn it into nutrient rich compost for the garden.

See below for a collection of worm resources: you’ll find information on building and maintaining a worm bin, worm anatomy, and classroom lessons about soil and compost for various grade levels.  If you have any questions about your worm bin, as always, feel free to reach out to your Garden Educator!


Building and Maintaining a Worm Bin


Worm Bin Construction Instructions

Worm Bin Construction Instructions (Spanish)

Guide to Composting with Worms, from Chicago Conservation Corps

Frequently Asked Questions, from Cathy’s Crawly Composters

Nature’s Little Recyclers (Local Worm Vendor)


Worm Anatomy and Info


Worm Trivia

Worm Composting 101, from the University of Illinois Extension 

Workshop PowerPoint


Lesson Recommendations


Worm Composting Lesson Recommendations (a compilation of lessons for various ages)

Soil Importance Lesson (Grades 3-5)

The Adventures of Herman the Worm, from University of Illinois Extension

Build Healthy Dirt (various ages)

The Soil Story Curriculum, from Kiss the Ground


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