Winter Garden Resources

The leaves have fallen, temperatures have dropped,  and snow is on the ground… winter is here! Winter brings unique opportunities to engage in the Learning Garden, including harvesting fall crops, planting garlic and peas, indoor garden experiments, classroom cooking, and creative lesson planning . These are all wonderful ways to engage with the garden during the current season.

Our resources below will guide you through harvesting crops from your garden, planting garlic and winter cover crop, and preparing your garden beds for winter. We also have resources to help you try some unique projects with your students — soil experiments, making salad dressing, pickling garden veggies, etc. Finally, to help you integrate your work in the classroom and the garden, we have some curricular resources, including our amazing online lesson database — The Greenhouse. We hope you find these resources helpful and use this time of winter to reflect and prepare for the vast growth that will come with spring. 



Preparing for Winter


Harvest Tracking

Soil investigation Resources

Garden Team Building

Classroom Tastings

Cooking at Home

Lessons & Curriculum