Treat Yourself – Fall Dishes!

Fall is finally here! Enjoy these simple recipes using root veggies and cucurbits from your Learning Garden!

Roasted Root Veggies & Herbs – Prepare this simple, warming dish with potatoes and carrots from your Learning Garden. For an added bonus, toss in a mixture of fresh herbs, we love using fresh rosemary and thyme!

Raw Beet Salad – You only need a few ingredients to prepare this fresh take on a familiar salad using shredded, raw beets instead of greens. The crunchy texture mixed with the sweet and savory flavors of the beets and herbs is sure to be a hit when prepared in the classroom!

Pumpkin Pancakes – Three simple ingredients: pumpkin puree, eggs, and flour combine for a delicious morning treat in this recipe. If preparing this with students, create a healthy topping bar for students to “build their own” pancake plate!

Pink Pickled Turnips – Try something new with this pickled turnip recipe. Beets add the pink color, and kids will love watching as the natural “dye” turns the turnips a super saturated, rosy hue over the 2 week pickling process!