Tomatosphere: These Seeds Are Out of This World!

Ever wonder how space travel affects tomato seed germination?  Neither have we! But it certainly is an intriguing question and one that you can actually answer through the Tomatosphere project.

The First Seed Foundation will send you 30 tomato seeds that have visited the International Space Station and 30 tomato seeds that have never left earth.  However, you will not know which is which. It is up to you and your students to use the scientific method to determine which seeds have exited our atmosphere.  Then you can explore the implications this has for supporting human life in space.

Program registration is currently available for 2018.  The seeds will be sent in early spring for planting this spring or next fall.

Thanks to Gerard Kovach from McCutcheon Elementary School for sharing this resource!  They are always seeking to extend the reach of their learning garden. Let us know if you apply and we can connect you to other learning garden schools across the country and perhaps you could videoconference about your experiment.  Now that would be out of this world!