The GREEN Tool – Garden Resources, Education, and Environmental Nexus

The GREEN Tool, a product of the Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy Program in Nutrition Teachers College, Columbia University, is one of the most comprehensive reviews of managing school gardens ever published. It provides an important tool for school and garden leaders to build on the impacts of their garden over time.

As described by The GREEN Tool, “This research brief describes the background study that led to the conception of the GREEN (Garden Resources, Education, and Environment Nexus) Tool and highlights how it can be used to strengthen school gardens. The purpose of the study was to examine which components make up a well-integrated garden in New York City schools and to determine how those components work together. This study resulted in the GREEN Tool, comprised of a Map illustrating how and when to operationalize the 19 components needed to establish, integrate, and sustain a school garden, and a Scorecard with questions on a 3-point scale to assess progress on the 19 components. Used together the Map and Scorecard can help school garden leaders develop and sustain a garden that is well integrated into the school. This brief focuses on the background study and the GREEN Tool Map, and includes policy recommendations based on research findings. A forthcoming brief will address the Scorecard and how to use it.”

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